Re-purposed painting ideas

Often a painting or any piece of work just doesn’t work out and become what you hoped. Instead of using them for scrap paper or throwing them away I like to store them separate and look at using them later on for another purpose. An example of this would be ‘Knight in  shining armor’.


Knight and shining amour. This was a painting I started years ago and lost interest in.  I was recently working on an assessment titled self-representation, we were required to incorporate as much of ourselves into the outcome of work as possible. An important aspect of all visual assessments is compiling the design planning, research notes , color palettes and anything else that demonstrates strengths with the design process to hand in along side the finish product. I began the assessment with a brainstorm and this painting provided an interesting platform to build ideas upon.



The painting was used to record thoughts, images and ideas for my assessment. I also gave a brief description of the painting and its significance to me at the time and why I chose to abandon it. I feel this was an interesting way to produce evidence of a brain storm or planning in a manner that exemplifies creativity and lateral thinking.


©Amanda Griffin.2016


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