Final solution – assessment 3 – world of pattern paper.


The assessment brief required us to implement skills gained with experimentation and research to create a final piece of work for the end of year exhibition. I wanted to achieve a layered effect of ink on fabric using monochromatic colors to create an abstract design that is rich in texture.

I began with experimentation with fractals. Ink is applied to a sheet of perspex and compressed with another sheet of perspex. When the perspex is carefully separated the ink is pulled, which creates fractals. The design can be transferred to both fabric and paper by gently rubbing.


Fractals were the base for my design. I built further layers of ink upon them, interestingly the fractals were always visible through the layers of ink.

Fabric was then securely taped to two tables joined together, the perspex with the fractal patterns could then be gently applied. I dropped some cobalt blue ink into the black ink which created a licorice color. I applied this with a sponge to any obvious seams the perspex/fractals created. I found by wiping the sponge as opposed to dabbing it, a near air brush effect was achieved.  I now whitened areas to provide a contrast to the dark colors. Black ink was applied using a scrunched up plastic bag, I wiped the ink onto the plastic with a brush and dabbed it onto selected areas.


I then used a hot glue gun to create a simple design to print onto my fabric. I rendered both a negative and positive of the cooled glue design. I first used the positive with white ink and overlayed it with a negative print using black ink.


I was really pleased with the final image. The last thing to do is to sew a seam at the top so a length of doweling can be inserted for hanging in the end of year exhibition.


©Amanda Griffin.2016


To view me working on this piece please click on the link below.



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